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Sep. 12th, 2012


Manga for Sale!!

Heyy all! I am selling 2 different manga series if anyone is interested. One is the whole series while the other is only partial. What I am selling is:

1. Model (Full series) vols 1-7
2. Faries Landing vols 1-8.

Anyone interested contact me here or through email at JMDonchak@gmail.com. Will negotiate price and payment!

Aug. 14th, 2012



WTS <3 [Manga, Doujinshi, Wigs etc]


I'm selling Chinese manga ( FREE - Over 60 manga to choose from! just pay for S/H), Japanese Shoujo Manga & Magazine ($.50 - $3 each), Yaoi (Calling) English Manga (Gakuen Prince v1-3, V.B. Rose, Crimson Hero, Love Com, Gintama & more!), English Novels/Prep Books (Gossip Girl, It Girl, Twilight, Notorious Pleasures, Official SAT guide, AP Us History, & more!), Gothic Lolita Wigs & Lockshop Wigs, Video Games (DS) and Ao no Exorcist--Axis Power Hetalia--Code Geass--Gintama--Gundam 00--Hitman Reborn--Magi Labyrinth of Magic--No. 6--Sengoku Basara--Tiger&Bunny Doujinshi!

And prices can be negotiated! You can even make me an offer! ^__^

Interested? Come here!

Mar. 29th, 2012

Mir of MBLAQ


Selling Manga (first time)

Alright So I have a few manga that I am willing to sell, these are the names of them, and the edition that I have.

La Esperanca(Yaoi Manga) numbers 1&2
Pandora Hearts (Yen Plus) 1&2
Black Butler number 2
Fruits Basket number 1

for the ones that have more that one, you can either buy them separately, or buy both together.

Prices: I would hope for it to be at least 7 dollars (Canadian) each, but I'll take best offers as well. Note that its 7 dollars each, so if you buy more than one, its 7 dollars per manga. I feel silly having to state that, but that way I nor you get confused, :P

Also if you want to buy, leave a reply to this post stating your interest, and them PM me you're best offer, and what country you live in so I can evaluate shipping costs.

I also have pictures, so if you're interested I can send them to you as well.

Mar. 11th, 2012


Selling Manga and Yaoi Manga

Hey all, I'm currently selling off a huge part of my manga collection as I'll be moving soon. Most of these are sets but I have plenty of individual titles as well. These are all in excellent near mint condition as I keep all my manga in airtight plastic bins inside my house. Some of these titles are even still sealed! If you have any questions for me or need pictures contact me and let me know. I'm willing to work on prices for larger purchases :)

Manga for sale (mostly Yaoi and some are still sealed!):

Love Recipe Vol. 1
Romantic Illusions
J-Boy by Biblos
Invisible Boy 1 and 2
Takumi Kun books Vol 1 and 2 Jun Pride/Barefoot Waltz
Princess Princess Vol. 1, 2, and 4 (I have two copies of 4 I bought by mistake, both are for sale)
Il Gatto Sul Vol. 1 and 2
Melted Love
Crushing Love
From Up Above
After I Win
Dear Myself
Time Lag
One Night Lesson
The Paradise on the Hill
L'Etoile Solitaire
Hybrid Child
Clan of the Nakagami's
I'll Be Your Slave
Only the Ring Finger Knows (Yaoi Novel)
Cold Sleep (Yaoi Novel)
Descendants of Darkness Yami no Matsuei (I bought a copy myself and won one at a convention, both are for sale)
Love Master A Vol. 1 and 2

Manga Grab Bag (Willing to sell these three for 5 dollars plus 2 for shipping):
Godchild Vol 1
Alchino Vol. 1

Jan. 19th, 2012


(no subject)

NEW!!! Over 100 New Items listed and most other prices greatly reduced! Most Items now listed around $1-2 per book or less. 1-19-12

I really need to get rid of stuff, so feel free to make an offer!

New Series Include:

Vampire Knight
Black Cat
Full Metal Panic!
Wild Ones
Full Moon,


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Dec. 13th, 2011


(no subject)

NEW REDUCED PRICES!! NOW ON SALE!! Updated 12-13-11. Complete Series of manga for sale!

Series Include:

Musashi #9
Ouran High School Host Club
Absolute Boyfriend
Backstage Prince
Guru Guru Pon Chan
Scrapped Princess
Hikaru No Go
D Gray Man
High School Debut
Tokyo Boys and Girls
Zombie Powder

Jun. 11th, 2011


Doujinshi Heaven Online Shop - Bleach, OP, GS, FF8, FMA

Ugh, so no more cryptic photo bucket account to pick out which book you want to buy!



Here you can find Doujinshi from many rare circles like COA, Emotional Q, Honey Canon, Love Drop, Kotohika, IDEA, Maverix, Inside Noise, Datemaki, etc. Rare doujinshi from Bleach, Gundam Seed, Fullmetal Alchemist, One Piece, FF8, FF10, Gankutsuou, Holw's Moving Castle! Many het pairings and also yaoi too! Luffy x Nami, Athrun x Cagali, Yuna x Tidus, Selphie x Irvine, Renji x Rukia etc. 



all payment methods accepted, including paypal and google checkout!

My Feedback :)

  I'm  willing to bargain with you so drop me  a line as well. All cover pics after the cut :)

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Feb. 25th, 2011

HP: What courage is


Selling tons of Shojo Manga!

Normally I wouldn't post so close together but I added a ton of stuff and made a new post.

(Picture is of actual items)
Click picture or HERE @ alex_sales

I am selling some shojo manga and doujinshi(Hetalia) + other stuff at my sales journal right now.

Titles include:
Ultimate Venus
Wild Act
Shinobi Life
Bloody Kiss
Millennium Snow
Vampire Knight
Vampire Kisses: Blood Relatives
High School Debut
Shugo Chara!
God Child
Death Note
Sailor Moon SuperS

and more!

Please take a look if interested! :)

Feb. 21st, 2011

HP: What courage is


Selling Shojo Manga among other things!

(picture is of my personal shelf)
Click picture or HERE @ alex_sales

I am selling some shojo manga and doujinshi(Hetalia) at my sales journal right now.

Titles include:
Ultimate Venus
Wild Act
Love Master A
Shinobi Life
More will be added soon!

Please take a look if you are interested! Also if you see something on my shelf that is not listed feel free to make an offer though if it's not listed I will have a harder time giving it up.

Feb. 10th, 2011


(no subject)

GrimPassion updated!

All new lolits hand bags and goodies! come check it out!
Deco gyaru nails!
New magazines from Cure: kiera: foolsmate and many more!
all sorts of new id holders, lanyards, hello kitty rilakkuma !!!
Coem and have a look!!

Now back in the USA!!!

get great deals and cheap shipping rates!
I never charge paypal fees! 

You can also join me on facebook !

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