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Hey guys, I'm cleaning out my anime collection so that I can prepare for my move into my apartment hopefully in the near future. ..but before I can do that - I HAVE to pay bills. T__T so I'm selling some of my beloved manga and anime and doujin!

- I will ship internationally
- I do take pay pal
- I send out as SOON as your payment gets through

You will
- pay for shipping (most shipping within US is like $2.00 at most if it's just one volume)
- pay for paypal fee

Manga Series:
Manga Titles I want to get rid of ($4.50 a book - cheaper than used book stores and obviously cheaper than cover price. All are in great condition.)

Gravitation: - 1-5
Chobits: 1-3
Alice 19th: 1-2
The Cain Saga: 1
Kitchen Princess: 2
Marmalade Boy: 6
Absolute Boy Friend: 1
Card Captor Sakura (GIANT book) #2: $12 (it's got like 2-3 volumes in it)
Demon Diary: 1-4
Kyo Kara Maoh!: 1-2
Fushigi Yuugi (original cover, not the newly released ones): 6

Tsubasa: 1, 3-14 (I's a LOT. Oo.)

(I have pictures if you need to see the books - but I'm working on moving this sales to my personal domain to make it easier.)

Anime Series:

Wedding Peach: $15 dollars (never watched)
Here is Green Wood: $15 dollars (Started watching it - one of the voices I swear is Rowen from Ronin Warriors, couldn't take it seriously had to stop)
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