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Selling Manga and Yaoi Manga

Hey all! I'm getting ready to move soon and as such need to get rid of some of my manga/yaoi collection. Everything I own is in excellent condition and has been kept in airtight plastic storage bins. There are no major tears, creases, or marks on any of these manga! I'm selling everything for $4 a book with $2 shipping. Of course the more you buy the cheaper the shipping becomes :) I do not ship internationally. Email me at koyru@netzero.com or comment if your interested or would like pictures of any of these below:

Saiyuki Vol. 2
Trinity Blood Vol. 1
Kami Kaze Vol. 1
Godchild Vol. 1
Girl Got Game Vol. 1
Category Freaks Vol. 1
Eerie Queerie Vol. 1
Blood+ Vol. 1
The Demon Ororon Vol. 1
Her Majesty’s Dog Vol. 1-2
Cantarella Vol. 1-2

Yaoi Manga/Yaoi Novels for Sale
Romantic Illusions (Still Sealed)
Pet on Duty
Time Lag
From Up Above
Dear Myself
Love Recipe Vol. 1
After I Win
One Night Lesson
Only the Ring Finger Knows: The Lonely Ring Finger
Cold Sleep

Thanks for your interest!
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