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for your manga cravings

The Manga Shop by forgottendiary
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Irasshaimase! You have reached the mangashop!

The Manga Shop offers a wide range and list of Japanese, English, and Chinese manga, illustration books, guide books, and other manga-related goods* for sale with competitive prices (this is possible through restocking of titles only when ordered).

Product List
The interests lists the main titles that are carried by this shop. If what you are looking for is not on the list, simply leave a comment in the request thread or send an email to forgottendiary @ gmail.com with the subject "Manga Query." I will get back to you if the title you requested is available.

To order, create a post in the community with the following details:
1. Manga title
2. Volume(s)
3. Manga artist/author
4. Text/Language (Japanese, English, Chinese)
5. Other instructions to seller

Payment and Shipment
Depending on the availability, your order will be confirmed at least 24-48 hours after your post. The total cost will be the item(s) prices plus shipment costs.** Shipment details will be exchanged through email to protect your privacy.

Payment methods currently accepted: PayPal (preferred), Telegraphic Transfer, and International Postal Money Order.

The order(s) will be shipped 24-48 hours after payment is successfully received. Shipment could take 7-21*** business days depending on your location and local postal services.

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Acceptance Mark

*Depends on availability of title(s) and/or volume(s)
**Varies, depending on location
***Excluding public holidays and/or weekends.